"We’d love to believe design speaks for itself, but a large part of the job is helping others hear its voice. Persuasive rationale—the why to your work—is what turns a great document into a great product."

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Watch Your Privacy

Augmented Reality app for Google Glass by Sander Veenhof will let you know where there are surveillance cameras in public spaces - video embedded below:

Google Glass a privacy problem? It can also be the solution for those worried about with privacy: buy a Google Glass!

Use this handy augmented reality app that visualises nearby privacy intrusions, based on open data about surveillance cameras worldwide (And it accurately maps your fellow Google Glass users too!)

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Related - by the same artist - a screensaver for Google Glass when nothing of interest is around:

What it looks like to a honeybee.

Current cryptoprotocol infrastructure

Real-time GPU Geometric Acoustics Demo with Quake 3 Arena (by Zuofu Cheng)

I think this is so cool.

"Based on this modified Turing test, our time traveller would conclude that, in the past century, the human race achieved a new level of superintelligence. Using lingo unavailable in 1914, (it was coined later by John von Neumann) he might conclude that the human race had reached a “singularity”—a point where it had gained an intelligence beyond the understanding of the 1914 mind."

Prototypo | the font generator : beta demo (by yannick mathey)

Stair Wars (by Idan Dekel)